Improve your business efficiency by automating repetitive content and understanding tasks

Customer Care emails, messages and support tickets triage and classification for RPA-centric process optimization

Onboarding of customers and employees by classifying documents for assigning them to the relevant teams

Large scale OSINT content classification using custom taxonomies

Make the work for Legal and Insurance practitioners more effective by automatically selecting the relevant content for their needs

What is IntelliDockers Factory?

IntelliDockers Factory, in short Factory, allows you to train your own machine learning models, no ML expertise or coding required. Factory will allow you to export your models encapsulated as IntelliDockers for easy deployment to your needs.

What tasks are you providing?

Factory is providing NLP binary and multi-class classification tasks - The Automatic Classifier Trainer. We’ll add more tasks as we’ll go ahead, with plans to add Entities Recognition and Sentiment Analysis shortly.

Is my training data secure?

Factory runs on your infrastructure, fully offline and yours forever. So, your training data stays on your servers and is private for each of your Factory user accounts.

Which model languages are available?

Available today are English and Romanian. We will be adding new languages shortly. Have an urgent need for a different language? Give us a buzz.

No coding necessary, but what if I get stuck somewhere in the process?

No worries, you don’t have to be a pro in ML engineering. We’ll provide you with a detailed user manual, including best practices in selecting relevant text, analysing training corpuses, specific terminology etc. We’ll also provide you with free assistance (up to 4 calls/requests for assistance) in training your ML models.

What training data formats are supported?

Factory allows you to upload text samples, for now. You can upload individual files or entire folders containing your text samples. These samples will remain on your servers and are private for your Factory account. We’ll extend our supported formats soon.

How do I use the Factory?

The Automatic Classifier Trainer

1. Gather your training samples and organize these into classes or categories that you would like your AI model to learn from.

2. (optional) Define your preprocessing steps like removing stopwords, removing punctuation, lemmatizing and / or lower casing.

3. Train your model by just clicking one button.

4. Test your trained model to see if it can correctly classify your new test samples.

5. Generate and download your IntelliDocker that encapsulates and serves your model in production.

6. Use your IntelliDocker in production. Click here to see more details.

How It Works

You can deploy your IntelliDockers on your local servers or on any major cloud infrastructures out there, like: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean or Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service).

1. Get your license

A license key is a secret piece of text that is needed to run your IntelliDocker. The archive that you download from Factory contains the image of your IntelliDocker and a perpetual trial license that you can use to test your custom classification engine at no cost, any time you want. When you are ready to use it in production, you will need a production license that you request directly from Zetta Cloud by emailing your IntelliDocker’s name and the language you’ve trained it for to contact@factory-nocode.ai. You will receive a docker-compose.yml file containing the license.


2. Put your license file into a folder

After receiving the license as part of the docker-compose.yml file, you need to put your license file into a folder.


3. Run your IntelliDocker

Open your preferred command prompt on your computer and run >docker-compose up. Your IntelliDocker will get started and it will give you your localhost URL where you can access its UI interface.


What is the cost of using the Factory?

Factory follows the same pricing model as IntelliDockers.

To run the Factory you’ll have to purchase a term (1, 2, or 3 years) license or a perpetual license. In addition, to run the IntelliDockers you generate out of Factory in production, you will need an IntelliDocker license.

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